What to expect in a Oracle/ Tarot reading when it comes to LOVE

This is the time of year when many minds and libidos turn to relationships.

It probably breaks up the monotony of the long winters!

I would say about 70% of the questions I get in a reading with someone is about love and relationships at all times of the year. What is it about love that makes us so neurotic? So needing to control the situation?

Love is so intrinsic to our needs as human that it triggers the inner control freak in all of us

When will I meet that special someone?

Do they like me the way I like them?

Do they want the same things that I do?

Why haven’t I met someone?

Why do I keep meeting the same kind of person?

How do I know when it is time to leave a relationship?

The list goes on and on.

My belief is that most of the time you KNOW the answer to most of these questions. But getting the answers is not always the end all be all. 

Then there is the NOW WHAT?

Getting an Oracle or Tarot card reading about the energy surrounding a relationship (or lack of one…) can help you get crystal clear on what your intuition is already trying to tell you. Validating that nagging voice. Putting your fears to rest regarding what you think you need to do.

Supporting you and learning how to support yourself in moving forward in love.

For the month of February, I am offering a three card reading pertaining to the one question you have regarding love.

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