Michelle Motuzas - Bio

A native New Englander, Michelle has always been an artist, but only began painting in answer to the requests of her fellow students of Shamanism. What began as mixed media pieces of trees, overtime led to the drawings which are used in the first published deck, the Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck. She has since received three more contracts with Schiffer publishing.

She is the proud mom of two ridiculously handsome, kind and talented sons. Michelle believes the world is a better place because they are here. She is also owned by two very psychic and bratty cats, Luna & Dani. 

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am a mixed media artist who uses intuition to find the lessons nature lays out for us using the process of art. My goal is to help guide you towards clarity when you take the time to look deep into the layers, so you can let go of your fears and live your best possible life.

My road to art and Shamanism has been long and winding. Sometimes crossing, sometimes diverging, but always co-current. The connection with the energy of all living things, has helped me identify what I  want to create with my art: a connection between the energy of the physical and spiritual being.  Morphing the Shamans journey with that of the artist, both sharing a distinct way of seeing,being in the ‘in-between space’ and bringing back images that resist being categorized or compartmentalize. 
Simple, pure and clean.

I work on paring down to the essence of the feeling or energy of an experience. This mirrors my approach to my shamanic work, pure and un-distilled by added, extraneous decoration not connected to its essential nature.

I cannot not create. 

I see and feel the  beauty in nature. 

I recognize the perfection in the imperfect. 

I am totally in love with people, all of us flawed, struggling and striving to be all we came here to be. 

My wish is that through my paintings and Oracle Cards you  find a calm moment, connect with the energy of pure love and start to trust your own instincts and hear your soul's voice whispering to you....

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