Hey there, beautiful souls! I'm Michelle, and I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome you into my world. Here's a little glimpse into who I am and what brings me to this sacred space of intuitive exploration and self-discovery.

Like many of you, my journey wasn't always filled with rainbows and sunshine. I've danced in the shadows of uncertainty, stumbled through the fog of indecision, and felt the weight of unanswered questions pressing on my heart. If you're nodding your head right now, trust me, I've been there too.

In the midst of my own cosmic chaos, I stumbled upon the profound world of  Shamanic energy work, embracing & understanding my empathic nature, and the transformative power of energy healing. It was a revelation! Suddenly, the messages I received from my guides became a roadmap, guiding me out of my own way and towards a life that felt sacred, fulfilling, and downright meaningful.

Do I always listen?  Not as often as I should. 

And then I am reminded of my own internal compass, my true north. I want that for you. 

Now, I'm not just here as a Psychic Medium and Oracle Card Creator; I'm here as someone who's been in your shoes. I get it - the struggles, the doubts, and the yearning for something more. My purpose is to be your companion on this journey, shining a light on your path and helping you tap into and TRUST  the magic that resides within you.

What makes my heart sing is working with spiritual seekers, the energy workers and empaths, those who understand the ebbs and flows of the unseen forces around us. My readings, infused with the wisdom of my guides and yours, are like a conversation with your soul - a dialogue that unravels the mysteries, provides clarity, and sets you on a path of self-discovery.

Crafting Oracle cards has been my way of translating thewhispers from the universe into tangible messages for you. Each card is a pieceof my soul, a tool designed to resonate with your unique energy and guide youtowards the insights you seek.

Together, let's embrace the magic within and step into alife that feels sacred, fulfilling, and oh-so-meaningful. I'm here to remind you that the answers you seek are already within you - and I'm just here to help you find them.

Ready to dive in? Let's create some magic together!

I cannot not create. 

I see and feel the  beauty in nature. 

I recognize the perfection in the imperfect. 

I am totally in love with people, all of us flawed, struggling and striving to be all we came here to be. 

My wish is that through my art and Oracle Cards you  find a calm moment, connect with the energy of pure love and start to trust your own instincts and hear your soul's voice whispering to you....

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