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Every cell, atom, leaf, rock, blade of grass, drop of water, emotion and thought.

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies

Let me teach you my technique to rise your vibrations so that you are attracting and living the highest expression of the life you came here to live.

In this intensive 3 day workshop you will:

Be able to go at your own pace

Combine meditative journeys, journaling and homework (I know, but it is FUN homework!) to easily access ways to:

*Understand energy and frequency

*Learn ways to raise your frequency

*Move Energy

*Manifest easily by tapping into the frequency of what you want

Connect with your squad on the other-side, your guides, higherself and the divine to be a co creator in your life

If This is YOU

You are so Empathic & FEEL so much that it can paralyze you at times

You find yourself stuck in spirals of emotions that threaten to drown you

You have a knowing that the life you are living can be so much more. There is so much that is untapped inside if you

You have started on a spiritual path, but find yourself at a crossroad, what next? 

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I cannot not create. 

I see and feel the  beauty in nature. 
I recognize the perfection in the imperfect. 
I am totally in love with people, all of us flawed, struggling and striving to be all we came here to be. 
My wish is that through my paintings and Oracle Cards you  find a calm moment, connect with the energy of pure love and start to trust your own instincts and hear your soul's voice whispering to you....

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