Coming June 10, 2022!

Do YOU have a great idea for a deck?

But not know where to start, or know how to start, kind of... but then get overwhelmed by all the choices or paths you can take to create and publish your own Oracle/Tarot deck?

I got you! 

I have put down in a PDF that allows you to go at your own pace,  EVERYTHING I have learned from creating and publishing 4 Oracle decks and a Tarot deck!

Send me your info and I will let you know when this valuable resource is ready to launch.


I cannot not create. 

I see and feel the  beauty in nature. 
I recognize the perfection in the imperfect. 
I am totally in love with people, all of us flawed, struggling and striving to be all we came here to be. 
My wish is that through my paintings and Oracle Cards you  find a calm moment, connect with the energy of pure love and start to trust your own instincts and hear your soul's voice whispering to you....

Oracle & Tarot Decks

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