Michelle Motuzas


Welcome to my little piece of the web. My name is Michelle Motuzas (Moe-to-zus) I am a creator and guide. I create with riotous color and also with quiet texture. I guide people to find their inner artist through intuitive art lessons as well as tapping into their own psychic gifts  through oracle cards, workshops and psychic readings. I have three Oracle Decks and one Tarot Deck published. 

My mission is to empower people to tap into their own creativity and intuition and to become the hero of their own story.

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Shamanic Healing Gift Box 

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The Empathic Self Care Gift Box

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Connect to your Animal Guides Gift Box

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Explore your Creativity Gift Box

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Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

The Empathic Oracle

The Wild Elemental Oracle

Color Your Own Tarot

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