True North

True North.

I love that term. It conjures up an image in my head of a
stalwart heroin who has such an impeccable moral compass at her wisdom
and style get her and her friends out of many dire straits.



 I watch a lot of old movies. That is where my fantasy life dwells. Ideally in a
perfect example from the early 1940s that looks like Gene Tierney would
wear it.

I digress.

How do you know your True North?

What does it look

What does it feel like?

What does not having it feel and look like?

Not being connected to your
true north feels like being adrift. Reacting to the energies around you
in a way that is separate from your soul’s purpose.

there are four aspects of who we all are and think we are

# 1 -  Perception -  how others perceive you

# 2 -  Persona -  how
you want to be perceived by others

# 3 - Ego - a snapshot of your self esteem ( or lack of) and self importance.

#4 - Self - 
this is our soul -  who and what we really are & what we stand for. This ties in to what we need and what we are here to do.#4  is your True North.

This is the
real you at your deepest core level.

this it the part of you that is you can
always depend on when your world is spinning out of control.

How do I
know what my true north is?

Try this exercise: Take a piece of paper and a pen.

Write on the left
hand side 1 - 4.

Leave six lines between each number.

At number 1 -  write ‘Perception’

Number 2 write ‘Persona’

Number 3  write ‘Ego ’

and at Number 4 write ‘I am’

 Draw 6 bullet
points under each number.

At #1 - come up with six words to describe what you
feel is other people’s perception of you.

#2 - six words describing what you want
people to think of you. Be honest no one else is going to see this. And
remember there’s nothing wrong with wanting to
be perceived a certain way!

#3 write what the doest hat small voice in your head tell you all the time number?

#4- dig deep. What is is it that truly makes you you? Who are you really? You
may uncover that your #4 is close to
your #1 or #3  is complete opposite to #4.
Remember our ego is supposed to protect us. If your True North is
bright then all things are possible, your ego, not a judgment, is more like ‘wahoo Nelly’.

Go through each section. Are there  words that
are on all the lists? Are there characteristics of #4 that do not
show up anywhere else? Ponder this. When I created this exercise & did it, I found my #4
contains “silly” as part of my true essence. I can be
very silly - very very very few people get to see that. I need to look at
why. That’s it. Your mission if you choose to accept this is to think about
this: What is keeping you from truly showing the world who you are? Only
when we accept and embrace who and what
we truly are can we be confident to walk into our future at the highest

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