To Protect or not to protect?

I love looking at different trains of thoughts in the spiritual/metaphysical world and be the devils advocate sometimes. 

A few years ago I saw a meetup in my area for a mediumship development group.


I was looking to network with energy workers in my area, I had my ‘tribe’ but most of them were an hour or more away. I was looking to expand my circle. I decided to attend. 

It took place just down the street from me, in a lovely gathering room in a holistic business. After a few min, about a dozen or so people showed up. People of all different walks of life were there. 

We all settled in. The gentleman running it gave his speech about who he was and what he hoped to achieve during this meetup. I got the indication that most of the people there had been a few times. 

To be honest, I was checking out the people in attendance trying to figure out who was going to be my newest bestie! 

I did hear him explain on his ‘rules’ to making contact with spirits on the other side…

“Always attempt to make contact inside. If you are outside, then you never know who you are going to connect with. This way you have control over the process”

WHAAATTTTT??????????”Let me control who and what comes in.”

You can control it???????? I had gone from picking out my new BFF to thinking WTF?! ..still trying to figure out how he could justify the belief that spirits could pass between realms will get completely stymied by a door? Do we need to make sure the windows are down too?

I couldn’t help myself, so I raised my hand and asked why.

First off,by the look on all my potential best friends faces, I could tell friendship was not on the table anymore. 

The leader kept it together during my outburst questioning his directions. His reasoning had something to do with protection. He disagreed with me concerning consciousness being able to transverse building materials….. I let him have it, I still had a few hours there and it was his party after all. 

The next part  was a prayer for protection. 

Ok, sigh, this is my biggest bugaboo. I truly wasn’t looking to start a problem. Truly I wasn’t. I just wanted to present my own opinion in order for the people  to realize there was another school of thought.

I presented my view, which is something I learned in my years studying Shamanism. That protection, or the idea that protection is needed inherently has a fear base to it. Fear is a  lower vibration, and like attracts like. In a nutshell. 

That is it. I  put my opinion out there. and was then prepared to go forward with the prayer of protection. 

I was attacked. ATTACKED. It was funny actually. One woman, who had read “hundreds of books” told me, in a very loud voice, pointing her finger in my face, that i would be sorry, oh so very sorry if I didn’t hop on board the protection train.

The room was filled with fear. 

If lower vibrational experiences came in, no surprise. 

Free will. 

Believe what you choose to, but think before jumping on the protection wagon. If you can, from the beginning learn to transmute energy, change the vibration of it, you will never need to protect yourself and you will be able to deal with whatever comes your way!

You will be a superhero!

True Story

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