The Reluctant Webmaster!

The reluctant webmaster3 Mar, 2016, No commentsI am at home this week recovering from surgery. I had a scare, but the result was best case scenario. Of this i am very thankful! I would have dealt with whatever i was given. I would be lying if i didn’t  go to that very dark place a few times. I am lucky in that I have some amazing family and friends who were there as an ear during the weeks leading up to my surgery.

 And typical me, i had my “To-Do” list for my recovery week home from work. Yes, my friend pointed that i am probably the only person she knows who makes herself a “to-do” list for surgical recovery. 

Thats just how I roll ….. (its fodder for an up coming blog post of perfectionism i think… I’ll put it on my list)

Well, since my Oracle cards will be published at the end of this month by Schiffer publishing, I decided to get my website up and going along with more blog posts, social media stuff etc…..

I have come to the conclusion that i have an internal limit as to the amount of technology that i can learn. I set up my own Domain and website a few months ago. (yay me!) and then promptly forgot how i did it or how to edit it. 

I literally made myself throw up (TMI sorry) with the frustration i worked myself up to. It didn’t help that I was too stubborn to take the recommended amount of pain relief and let my pain level get away from me. 

I ended up creating a completely new website from scratch. On a different platform. It is my fervent wish that when i go to publish it I am able to switch the name over. The new platform gave me a little message on how to do that, and they also said “if this means nothing to you, give it to your people who handle your website” I AM THE PEOPLE! haha…..

Thats why we have Google, right?

I am also disappointed in how not advanced i am in my healing and recovery! Yes, i know… its been 3 days. I know. 

I know. 

I think i am going to throw up again. 

This must be the universe giving me an opportunity to experience how UN PERFECT  I am…and to deal with it differently……..

Hate LOVE lessons!

at least I got some beautiful flowers from it!

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