Phew! Onward ho!

The last few months has seen a move, finishing up with a (looonngg) over due project to my editor, the Color Your Own Tarot (aka the monkey on my back!) and the Wild Elemental Oracle finished. I got very sick (because, duh, listening to my body and stress….) attempting to stay healthy, working on an emerging artist program I was lucky enough to get accepted in, my apprenticeship, my community work and you know, trying to have a social life. 

You alway think once a project is done, you will have lovely long stretches of nothingness to do.


Yes, you heard me… HA!

I realize I am less than 10 weeks away froth Capital Arts Fest and I have no inventory! 

So I will get back into the studio. To be honest I am itching to paint again, after what feels like YEARS!  No EONS!!!  of drawing. (in reality, just about 240 drawings - I may be a bit dramatic )

I am not alone! So many fill up their time. 

Fill up their lives. 

I am starting to believe that we can apply the decluttering/minimalism/Marie Kondo to not only our ‘things’ but the people and activities we choose to let in. 

Picture this. 

Your phone buzzes. 

You pick it up. See the text. It is someone you know. You may or may not REALLY like them. You put your phone down and continue what you are doing. 

A few hours or even the next day, you see the unanswered text and realize you never responded to them. 


Now this. 

Your phone buzzes.

You pick it up. See the text. A huge smile spreads across your face and you immediately focus on answering. Maybe you are making plans to get together. Maybe they are sending something that makes you laugh. 

Whatever it is, they get your undivided attention. Even if only for a moment since you are at work. 

That my friends is sparking joy. 

Why do you have a life filled with people and activities and stuff that beings you no joy ?(yeah, yeah, I get toilet paper and silverware, your boss etc. do not spark joy.  But come on, you are being difficult now and you know it. )

Konmari the sh*t out of your life. 

Your attention, energy and resources are valuable. Spend them where it makes the most sense. Where you will get the most return. ROI for the left brainers here. 



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