Kind of Exciting!

Kind of exciting


I have seemingly abandoned this blog for a year. I went underground and focused on some day to day necessities. But by doing this I have found that I grew spiritually in some other areas.

Last week I received an unexpected email from Schiffer Publishing. They want to publish my oracle cards and an accompanying book. The next few months are going to be very busy here! I will chronicle the journey here.

This is kind of exciting!

One Day at a Time!

Wow….it’s been a while since my last post. Lots of stuff coming up. I am going to be drawing at a fair in Nashua next month and in May the Spirit Light Network has been invited to present at a paranormal conference in upstate NY. To be honest I have been struggling with the raw thing. I haven’t completely figured it out yet…. But I’m getting there. I have also been reevaluating my workouts and tweaking where needed. Lets just say this has been a tough winter. 

But today it is spring like outside and I am determined to get out there and enjoy. One day at a time!

Good Enough!

There has been a recurring theme lately among my friends. Being GOOD ENOUGH. It seems as though our culture admires and creates high achievers . We applaud and idolize them. Our lives are geared towards more, better, bigger,nicer And not just in material possessions….but personal achievements, promotions, even ‘enlightenment’. 

Lots of competition. I’m not speaking of co workers , neighbors and friends. Lots of competition with ourselves.

What happens when we stop trying to be ‘better’?

Are we left feeling somehow less than? Not good enough?


What if we stop internalizing the message that we NEED to be more than we are?

It’s a subtle message. But is it ever persuasive .

We are good enough just the way we are.(yes,stealing that from Bridget Jones)

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