What is the meaning of life?

3 Mar, 2016, 

Most of us wonder, at one point or another, what the meaning of life is. There are meany answers to this…. I actually Googled “the meaning of life” (all lower case, because i am a lazy typist)

It came right before “the meaning of Christmas” (I appropriately capitalized to reduce the possibility of hate mail, besides being a lazy typist i try to avoid confrontation about things i don’t really care about)

First up there was an on line dictionary definition of “life”, then (natch) Wikipedia , then a movie… then quotes….

I like this one…..

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. Albert Camus

and this one….

For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment. Viktor E. Frankl

ohh… but this one……

We can think so much about life and take ourselves so seriously; I mean, I like to tell people, ‘Don’t take life too seriously’ because you’ll cloud the experience. That’s what the meaning of life is to me - being able to enjoy the moment. Janine Shepherd

It seems like a lot of people have quotes about what life is all about. Somewhere between living life as a sleepwalker, going through the motions, and fitting yourself into the mold you feel society has handed you and the paralyzing place of too many choice and too much information on what/who you need to be in order to reach your ‘potential’ there has to be the sweet spot of a well lived life. 

What does that mean for you? 

I am still figuring out what it means for me.  What I do know is it needs to include creativity. Maybe chickens (I have been toying with that lately), independence and mostly it needs to include growth. Through all my years studying energy at it’s most basic within the defines of Shamanism, I have come to believe that we all come to this lifetime with a job or jobs to do. My high achievement side will not let me to get done here without doing what i came here to do. 

Only, I don’t quite know what that is. I somehow managed to misplace that little post it note. 

All i can do is remain open to all possibilities, work to transcend my container (the limiting beliefs and labels that keep us from being to reach our ultimate potential) and keep my vibration as high as possible in order to be open to what will be coming in.

Oh my god. I have never in my life written a sentence so airy-fairy and reeking of unicorns andrainbows! hah

The Reluctant Webmaster!

The reluctant webmaster3 Mar, 2016, No commentsI am at home this week recovering from surgery. I had a scare, but the result was best case scenario. Of this i am very thankful! I would have dealt with whatever i was given. I would be lying if i didn’t  go to that very dark place a few times. I am lucky in that I have some amazing family and friends who were there as an ear during the weeks leading up to my surgery.

 And typical me, i had my “To-Do” list for my recovery week home from work. Yes, my friend pointed that i am probably the only person she knows who makes herself a “to-do” list for surgical recovery. 

Thats just how I roll ….. (its fodder for an up coming blog post of perfectionism i think… I’ll put it on my list)

Well, since my Oracle cards will be published at the end of this month by Schiffer publishing, I decided to get my website up and going along with more blog posts, social media stuff etc…..

I have come to the conclusion that i have an internal limit as to the amount of technology that i can learn. I set up my own Domain and website a few months ago. (yay me!) and then promptly forgot how i did it or how to edit it. 

I literally made myself throw up (TMI sorry) with the frustration i worked myself up to. It didn’t help that I was too stubborn to take the recommended amount of pain relief and let my pain level get away from me. 

I ended up creating a completely new website from scratch. On a different platform. It is my fervent wish that when i go to publish it I am able to switch the name over. The new platform gave me a little message on how to do that, and they also said “if this means nothing to you, give it to your people who handle your website” I AM THE PEOPLE! haha…..

Thats why we have Google, right?

I am also disappointed in how not advanced i am in my healing and recovery! Yes, i know… its been 3 days. I know. 

I know. 

I think i am going to throw up again. 

This must be the universe giving me an opportunity to experience how UN PERFECT  I am…and to deal with it differently……..

Hate LOVE lessons!

at least I got some beautiful flowers from it!

Kind of Exciting!

Kind of exciting


I have seemingly abandoned this blog for a year. I went underground and focused on some day to day necessities. But by doing this I have found that I grew spiritually in some other areas.

Last week I received an unexpected email from Schiffer Publishing. They want to publish my oracle cards and an accompanying book. The next few months are going to be very busy here! I will chronicle the journey here.

This is kind of exciting!

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