Phew! Onward ho!

The last few months has seen a move, finishing up with a (looonngg) over due project to my editor, the Color Your Own Tarot (aka the monkey on my back!) and the Wild Elemental Oracle finished. I got very sick (because, duh, listening to my body and stress….) attempting to stay healthy, working on an emerging artist program I was lucky enough to get accepted in, my apprenticeship, my community work and you know, trying to have a social life. 

You alway think once a project is done, you will have lovely long stretches of nothingness to do.


Yes, you heard me… HA!

I realize I am less than 10 weeks away froth Capital Arts Fest and I have no inventory! 

So I will get back into the studio. To be honest I am itching to paint again, after what feels like YEARS!  No EONS!!!  of drawing. (in reality, just about 240 drawings - I may be a bit dramatic )

I am not alone! So many fill up their time. 

Fill up their lives. 

I am starting to believe that we can apply the decluttering/minimalism/Marie Kondo to not only our ‘things’ but the people and activities we choose to let in. 

Picture this. 

Your phone buzzes. 

You pick it up. See the text. It is someone you know. You may or may not REALLY like them. You put your phone down and continue what you are doing. 

A few hours or even the next day, you see the unanswered text and realize you never responded to them. 


Now this. 

Your phone buzzes.

You pick it up. See the text. A huge smile spreads across your face and you immediately focus on answering. Maybe you are making plans to get together. Maybe they are sending something that makes you laugh. 

Whatever it is, they get your undivided attention. Even if only for a moment since you are at work. 

That my friends is sparking joy. 

Why do you have a life filled with people and activities and stuff that beings you no joy ?(yeah, yeah, I get toilet paper and silverware, your boss etc. do not spark joy.  But come on, you are being difficult now and you know it. )

Konmari the sh*t out of your life. 

Your attention, energy and resources are valuable. Spend them where it makes the most sense. Where you will get the most return. ROI for the left brainers here. 



Class Coming in one WEEK!

Well, Spring is here, though here in the Northeast, we are ready to build the ark. This somewhat enforced inside time has allowed me to create my first class. I am so excited to offer it to my people! 

I always go back to my mission (thank you 20+ years as a non profit professional! )

To empower and enable people to not need me or other professional readers and healers. 

Its a bit lofty. I know. I am an all or nothing gal.

My Shamanic Healing Oracle cards are designed to help people trust and believe in their instincts. 

The Empathic Oracle have the intention to empower Empaths to believe in and trust their gifts.

The soon to be released Color Your Own Tarot is designed in a way for people to put in their own energy  into a tool of self awareness and growth.

My latest deck, The Wild Elemental Oracle is designed to connect people with the natural world and understand the signs, knowledge and wisdom that the elements and animals are always showing us. 

This new course is a way for me to show you how I do what I do. I hear it all the time, “I am not an artist” 

OK, I truly believe EVERYONE has the potential to be an artist. But I get it. I can’t sing, really really can. not. sing. No one wants that. But do I sing in the shower and in the car and when I am home alone? 


Am I recording a hit song anytime soon? Hell to the no. But that doesn’t stop me from singing. 

Are you capable of creating a piece that you feel confident and proud of? YES

Will it be published or end up in a museum or gallery? 

Hmmm… probably not unless the context that it is created in is right. 

That should not stop you from creating from their heart is you are moved to do that. 

When I started doing readings for people I would draw while I was receiving information from my guides. I like to think that it is a right brain/ left brain way of accessing information. The technical aspect of drawing occupied my left brain so that my right brain could access the messages. 

Otherwise I tend to WAY overthink things. 

Yes, really. 

Over time, I came to recognize certain aspects of the drawings, that while unique for everyone who I drew for,  had some threads that connected them in terms of symbolism and format.  I believe I am the only person who does readings this way. I feel that is a neat and special way for people to take home, what I called, very unique and personal post it notes for the life path. There I go getting all jargon-y on you all! 

What people would tell me is that after having these little drawings  for a time, the meanings and messages would continue to unfold and be a touch stone for them months and years after we sat down together and created them.

I have put down my process of creating these personal “oracle” cards for those of you who may be interested in learning it. From set up, materials, technique and some tips and tricks,  you will learn all I know and have learned along the way to create  a piece spiritual art that is not of angels or auras. 

This course consists of a video and a companion written course. It is on a password restricted page her on my website. Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to it and also be able to join a private Facebook Group to share your creations and create a community around these pieces. 

For more information and to purchase, click here

Getting Overwhelmed…. and Vulnerable.

[image-grid: fingerprint-]

I try to always be open, honest and authentic with those around me. 

I think we all do, to the level of our awareness.

But with myself…HAHAHAHA

Sorry… was that out loud?

I am the first person to tell you that I routinely lie to myself. 

And these lies come to bite me on the a** lots of times. 

For instance, most people who know me know that I am the first person to volunteer for something, be it to help friends/family, sign up for a committee, work extra…. I’ve really went deep before to make sure this wasn’t to be liked or valued… it isn’t, I truly really like to be busy and have fun. 

However I have always managed to sidestep the next level of self questioning, which is “Why do I like to be so busy?”

An innocent remark from a friend a few weeks ago made me hit pause and have to look at this. My BFF (since 2nd grade :) ) was texting me 2 days after a move I recently made and I had been out that evening, she asked me where I was. I told her I had volunteered for a committee to put together a new event in our community. 

her response “I was wondering how long it would take you to dive into something new after the move ” (The move btw had sapped me physically and emotionally)

That made me perk up and start thinking. 

I sat down with pen and paper and made a list of everything that was currently on my plate:

1. unpacking and settling in after a move

2. work

3. two decks of cards due in less than 60 days

4. work in a program for emerging artists i had been accepted in

5. creating work for a street fair in September

6. creating work for an exhibit in November

7. ongoing marketing and creating social media content for my two decks

8. developing workshops around my cards that I really REALLY want to do

9. stewarding my relationships with friends and family

10. assisting with a gala for a friend

11. helping to organize my (mumble mumble)  high school reunion

12. committee for another summer event

13. newest community event

14. trying to stay healthy and in shape 

Its too much really. 

I cannot be effective if I am trying to do all of this, no matter how well I manage my time. 

I end up frustrated, resentful and physically sick. 

which is not the quality of life I want and it does not help my health, my relationships or enable me to produce the best possible work I can. 

I mean, I am not a capricorn (lol) I am a leo… I love laying around and having fun. 

I challenged myself to look at this issue as and be completely honest with myself. 

What would my life look like if half of those activities were cut out? 


But would it really?

I have friends, family, activities, work, creativity….. and you know… sleep and fun….

Then it hit me. I am not bored. I am lonely. (and it PAINS me to type those words) I have been divorced for about 10 years now. I am not in a relationship. I like being in relationships. Though I have not been in one really since my divorce. I like being with and doing for a special someone. 

I have kept myself to busy to be in a relationship. Being so busy keeps me from feeling that. 


Because relationships to me, now, are scary.


Yet another layer of the onion being peeled back. 

I thought I was done with these freaking lessons. 

Not really… (( yes..really)) 

So I am slowly NOT replacing activities, commitments and projects once they are done. 

What are you lying to yourself about?

Go deep.

Don’t be afraid. 

Fear keeps you locked in a soundproof room.

You cannot hear the call of your soul to move forward and grow.

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