Just DO IT! Damnit!

I have had a variation of this conversation about half a dozen times over the last week. 

What is it about us humans that think we are suppose to be unhappy and suffer? Our souls want to soar. We are put/brought here for a reason. Sure, suffering is part of the human condition, and no one leaves unscathed. 

But it seems to me that people automatically defer to the hardest choice. 

Choosing the ‘safe’ job over what makes your soul sing because its what you are ‘suppose to do’ 

Choosing the chores over dancing on a weekend

Sensible shoes over the magnificent embroidered heels that just call to you! 

No lets be clear, I am not suggesting anarchy, I know…pay the bills, food on the table, trying to not break an ankle…. yeah, I get it. 

But for Gods sake, have some fun! Do things, and make choices that validate your soul sing - your belting out loud to spotify, art making, high heel wearing, sleeping in on the weekends, eating ice cream just ‘cause soul. 

Isn’t adulating hard enough with the things you MUST do, and the stuff that gets thrown at you?

If you feel a longing, a call, a NEED to have something in your life, it is there for a reason. And the reason isn’t to punish you. It is not to constantly tempt you and keep what it is you long for just out of reach. This longing is a guide, a map, your true north.

Just do it damnit!

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