I need to get back into my meditation practice

Habits are hard to start, but sometimes even harder to maintain!

I started to meditate years… YEARS ago. I can honestly say it changed my life. It was challenging to start out with, I didn’t know what I was ‘suppose’ to be doing/thinking/feeling…..

So I started with guided meditations. This gave my little monkey brain a toy to play with. lol 

Then as I became comfortable with it, and I learned there was really not right or wrong way to meditate, I got into a really good place with my practice. I could get into the ‘zone’ very quickly, that muscle had been developed and worked.

Over the years; between life, becoming complacent with my awareness of the part meditation played in my life and the strength it gave me, I will honestly say I maybe meditate once a week now. 


I am not proud of that. I have realized that my meditation muscles have become flabby!!!!

I have decided that I want to focus on getting back into a strong meditation practice. 

To do this I am committing to making time to meditate daily for 30-60 min. 


No weekends off. No soreness to contend with!

Do you want to join me? I am going to be on Instagram (@michellemotuzas) daily to pull a card as a focus for that days meditation and talk about the things that come up when you commit to sitting in your feelings and all the stuff that comes up with a strong meditation practice.

So please, I need people to call me out and expect me to show up…otherwise, I am pretty lazy and tremendously ADD and will see a shiny squirrel and drop off.

I would love to see you !

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