Find your Tribe!

Find your Tribe


tribe  (traɪb)  — n1.a social division of a people, esp of a 

preliterate people, definedin terms of common descent, territory,

 culture, ethnic or ancestral division of ancient cultures, 

esp of oneof the following a. any of the three divisions of the 

ancient Romans, the Latins,Sabines, and Etruscans b. one of the

 later political divisions of the Roman people c. any of the 12 

divisions of ancient Israel, each of which wasnamed after and 

believed to be descended from one of the 12patriarchs d. a phyle

 of ancient Greece3.informal , jocular often a. a large number of 

persons, animals, etc b. a specific class or group of persons c. a 

family, esp a large one4.biology  a taxonomic group that is a 

subdivision of a subfamily5.stockbreeding  a strain of animals 

descended from a commonfemale ancestor through the female 

line [C13: from Latin tribus ; probably related to Latin trēs  three] 

When I hear the word “Tribe” many different pictures collide in my head. A generic indigenous tribe from national geographic, my family, even my favorite brand of Hummus…..but what always jumps up tot he forefront when I hear the word Tribe is my peeps….the group of people I have studied Shamanism with over the last 6 years or so. And no, not in any New Age adopting Native energy, titles and labels….but MY PEOPLE. 

On Facebook a few days ago a conversation took off over love, the energy behind it, the push and pull of romantic love, the idea that if and when you evolve  spiritually  you  will be able to directly access divine love and will not then need the validation of earthly love (Ha, and I thought Face book was mostly for political tirades and pictures of kittens…go figure!) A very interesting part of this conversation ended up being between a woman  who  was adamant in her belief that earthly love brings you closer to divine love and the two can and should co habit &  the idea that earthly love is at the core,  an energy exchange and once you master coordination your own and others energy, then there is no need for earthly love as a tie to one particular person since you will have access to the energy of divine love of creator and there will be no need for validation thru an exchange of energy this way. 

I got both points. I tended to veer more towards the “everything is energy “school of thought since that is what I learned, found to be true and use in my own life and practice.  

HOWEVER…I am a foolish romantic at heart and still cherish the “happily ever after” idea of soul mates and twin flames (ok, I don’t believe in twin flames, but I LOVE the IDEA of them) 

So after adding a whiney post (the conversation in my opinion was getting way too filled with big long words, I like to keep things real!)  where I basically asked if it was possible to have a romantic relationship where it isnt a validation thru an energy exchange and a true partnership in the highest sense of the word. One of my Peeps Erik wrote the following….

 “lol, you’ll get it my friend. when you find a companion where the two of you have things in common and can accept the baggage that each one of you have, then you can both love and give devotion and service to each other, Not a dependent ro co-dependent relationship, but a relationship that cheers each other on and hopefully towards ascension. Even some of the baggage becomes a lesson on inner growth. ”

My first (disgruntled) thought was ” Hey, I HAVE that already, with my tribe!” (I want my romance!)

My tribe is filled with people who I see both often (Bety, Steve, Cate) and not so often (Kim, Maia Rose, Bindy), who come and go, the membership here is very fluid. 

 I love them to pieces after seeing them 3x a week or not for a whole year. We can always take up just where we left off. 

I know their issues, I respect them, I do not force them to confront what they are not yet ready to, nor do I baby them and tell them what I think they want to hear.  I cheer their victories and I mourn their losses with them. I do not try to make their lives better, just as they do not try to make mine better. Our lives are better just because we are involved in each others. 

My peeps let me make my mistakes, for they see the big picture in how my choices alternately push and pull me on my path.

And I let them make their mistakes. Knowing  how hard it is to watch the people I love struggle with difficulties, I admire them for letting me solve my own problems and confront my own issues without stepping in to ‘save’ me. I know, and they know that lessons are only learned when you are the one doing the learning!

My Tribe also knows and admires my strengths and we can all see how each individuals strength only adds to the strength of the tribe as a whole 

Some people in your life will disrespect your strength if it is perceived as  a threat to them . My Peeps are not threatened by me, nor I by them.  There is no room for hidden agendas in our tribe.  To be threatened is to be fearful, and we live by the adage that the Truth is never threatened. We strive to act out of love andnot react out of fear.

But we are human and when we do react or become fearful, we all understand because we have all been there. It does not culminate in a push and pull of wills, words and fears……………

So my wish for you dear readers is to find your tribe. 

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