Are we all trying to manifest like we are ordering from Amazon?

I have written and erased, written and lost this post quite a few times. 

I would like to trash it and go eat dinner. 

And have a glass of wine. 


But I just scheduled a news letter to go out in an hour and I linked to this blog post. 

The one that doesn’t exist yet.

I am crazy like that. 

I wanted to talk about the word Manifest.

The actions of manifestation and how they have become such a buzz word in the metaphysical world in the last few years. And how that buzz has morphed from the simple act of ‘manifesting something’ into MANIFESTING with a capital M as a benchmark or litmus for how spiritual you are. 

I am guilty of this myself. 

I have many stories of manifesting something. I use these stories’ to explain energy to people. It was a concrete way I thought. A way for some people to ‘get it’.

My funnest manifestation happened  a year and a half ago. I was moving into a new place and needed a sofa. 

I am a sofa snob. I am an interior decorating freak. I wanted, for this new space, a white, linen, down filled sofa, L shaped sectional. I started the hunt on line and in person. I wanted what I wanted. I resigned myself to spending 2k+. 


Then I heard a voice telling me to ask for it. 

I was slowly moving into my new place. All beautiful hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows, white plaster walls (which I also manifested…) and I shrugged and thought WTH.

So I asked for a new white linen down sofa to fit my new space. I ‘heard’ what price? I laughed and said $300.00 

then I really laughed and continued on my way. 

The next day in the middle of unpacking I saw a vision of a consignment store that I almost never go to. I felt a push, so I got into my car and headed over. 

Not 20 feet inside the store there was my sofa. 

Brand new, just dropped off.

And you know what I did?

I hemmed and hawed.

It was DOWN. 

And slipcovered (cats…)

I felt an energetic slap upside the head.

I looked at the price tag. It was $299.99

It came home with me.

I know I manifested that. 

I find manifesting things soo very easy.

Am I spiritual? 

I like to think I am.

Am I spiritual because I can manifest thigs?


Am I able to manifest things because of my spirituality?


Anyone can and everyone does manifest their life. 

Being able to focus is just that… being able to focus.

Its rather like what use to be called a parlor trick.

There is little substance to manifestation. 


No, Michelle,  it means you are in the flow. 

God loves you and wants you to be happy.


(my unpopular belief if I say it out loud)

A truth in manifestations is that :

If it is meant to further you on your path( lessons to learn, people to impact, situations to get through) in this life, it will stay. If it isn’t, it will fall away. Or it is benign. My brand new, white linen, down filled sectional sofa for $300, I think is rather benign, neither helping or hindering me on my path. And there is absolutely NOTHING SPIRITUAL OR SACRED ABOUT IT.

So the next time you hear someone talk about helping you manifest $100, $1000, $10,000…. 



Is this wrapped up in a spiritual blanket?

Manifest is energy. 

I am all about energy. 

Identifying it.

Moving it.

Transmuting it.

But my spirituality is focused more on who I am, how I walk through this life. The quality of the energy I put out. 

How I connect with the energy of every living thing.

My connection with the Divine.

My god really does not care if I have a white linen down filled sofa. 

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