Oracle Card Readings

So you want a card reading?

My unique approach, tailored for energy workers and empaths, can help you find the light in the dark turns of your journey. 

Through my connection with spiritual guides, both yours and mine, I receive messages that serve as keys to unlock the doors of self-discovery. My Oracle cards, born from the depths of my own spiritual journey, are designed to resonate with your unique energy, offering clarity, healing, and a profound connection with your higher self.

I offer readings via email, Zoom and in person. Click on each for information on how to book.

Email readings:

I have helped seekers from all corners of the globe find their path again  through my Email Readings. Delve deep into the messages from the universe, delivered straight to your inbox with personal insights and guidance. Each reading is an  exploration of your energy and messages from your guides along with practical next steps for you to take. 

Zoom Readings: 

With a foot in each camp, Zoom readings can  work for those who are not in my area, yet want a more intimate experience.  For 45 min, we will tackle your questions and connect with your guides and higher self. They never fail to bring to light exactly what you need to know at that time. 

In-Person readings:

For those craving a more intimate experience, I extend the opportunity for limited In-Person Readings. Immerse yourself in the energy of the moment as I connect with my and your guides to channel messages specific to your journey. We will have a session filled with messages, hopefully laughter and  practical next steps for you on your path. 

✨ "Michelle's readings opened my eyes to the beauty within my own soul. Her words resonated deeply, guiding me towards a path of self-love and acceptance." - Annie S.

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