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My passion is helping people find their own spiritual voice
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Learn about grounding and centering
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Want to create your own rituals?
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Want to learn how to read cards for you and others?
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Have a deck of cards in you & want help giving it life?
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Find out what energy healing resonates with you
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Mystified about Crystals?
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I have walked this path my entire life. As a psychic medium, card creator, teacher and Shamanic Energy practitioner I have helped hundreds of people find their path and their voice in the wilderness that is a spiritual journey in our time.


My Work

I can cut through the noise that is preconditioned thought processes, ego and decision paralysis to help you connect with your higher-self and find your answers from deep inside you.


Schedule a call with me to see if a 1:1 mentoring appointment would be a good choice for you.

What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Welcome to my world of Spiritual Mentoring, where your unique journey receives personalized guidance & respect.

Whether you're stepping onto a new spiritual path or you're a seasoned lightworker, my one-on-one sessions are crafted to offer you tailored support, resources, and tools aligned with your specific spiritual goals. Together, we'll build upon your existing knowledge, hone your skills, and activate new talents.

How it is done

I can help you explore various aspects in our Spiritual Mentoring sessions:Connect with me in-person, via phone, or through Zoom for sessions that dive into (among other things)

The sessions can be a one time meeting of 30 or 60 min. Or they can be ongoing depending on your goals. 

What are you interested in? 

Moving forward into a Spiritual Business

Centering and grounding practices


Automatic Writing

Energy clearing

House blessings

Crystal grids

Creating personal daily rituals

Oracle cards both reading and creating

Connecting with your Higher-Self, Guides, Archangels and Angels

Developing your Mediumship skills

Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out via contact me to explore more possibilities.

What to Expect from Our Sessions: 

What Spiritual Mentoring is Not

Let me clarify that Spiritual Mentoring isn't therapy or consulting work. Instead, it's a collaborative discussion of ideas, approaches, and strategies, empowering you to fully develop and execute your own path.

My Requirements:

Both your time and my time are valuable. I want to respect your time and energy. What I expect from clients and students is a commitment to showing up and doing the work. This type of intensive  and focused work generally unearths wounds and anxiety. We are human and I understand being shook off balance by this type of work. I have been shook off my foundation more times than I can remember! I will support you in re finding your balance, but this is the hard work, the most rewarding work, but some of it isn't for the faint of heart! That being said, I hope you will embrace this part of your journey with curiosity, joy and a child's heart. 

Payment and Scheduling:

Thank you for considering my services. Upon payment, I'll send a scheduler email to your provided address. Don't forget to check your spam folder! Using the scheduler email, choose a date and time for our session. Within 24 hours of completion, you'll receive a confirmation email and, for remote sessions, a Zoom login. If the scheduler email eludes you, no worries—I'll reach out to help you schedule. Your spiritual journey awaits!

Ready to make it official?


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