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How to Create, Publish & Sell your Oracle/Tarot Cards

$77.00 USD

For years, I have been answering weekly emails form all over the globe about how I got published. I have never been able to spend enough time with any of my students to download to them  ALL that I know.

With this PDF, I have put EVERYTHING I know and have learned about creating, the tech aspect of publishing, getting in front of the right people, marketing and creating a brand.

This download is for you if:

  • You are an artist who is drawn to spiritual subjects & themes.
  • You are a reader who is frustrated with the decks that are available to you and you know deep in your soul that you could create something  different and helpful.
  • You know in your heart that you want to create Oracle/Tarot decks but have no idea where and how to start & get overwhelmed at the mere thought of starting.
  • You feel a call at a soul level to make a difference in the lives of people in a spiritual sense.
  • You see signs and symbols all around you and others.


80+ pages of all my tips and tricks to get  your oracle deck published 

After going through the information in this PDF, you will be able to:

  • Identify your WHYS
  • Come up with a mission statement for your deck
  • Land on a theme for your deck(s)
  • Decide how they will be published
  • Find the right publisher for you
  • Create the accompanying guide book
  • Find the right price point
  • Market your deck in a truly authentic way
  • Change people's lives with your creation

*BONUS* 40 Ways to Market your Oracle Deck 

All the resources  and links you will need are included!

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