Can I purchase oracle cards directly from you?

No. My cards are published by Schiffer Books. You can order directly from them, they have the best customer service! Or you can go online to most retailers. (B&N, Amazon, Walmart....) You can also check out your local book or metaphysical store. If they do not have them, you can ask them to carry them, or place an order for you!

What are your cancelation policies?

I have written a whole page on my policies. You can find it here 

Are you available for Events and Parties? 

As of the beginning of 2024, I am not. However I am working on my schedule to be able to bring more flexibility into it, so please email me and lets have a convo! 

Visit my Amazon!

For more information and links of my published content, it can be found here!

How can I work with you?

You can get a reading, take an in-person workshop (subscribe to my e-news to be kept in the loop) and I am now offering 1:1 mentorship sessions for any topic that interests you and that I feel I can add to your journey.



603-809-9757 (text is best!)

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