Can I purchase oracle cards directly from you?

No. My cards are published by Schiffer Books. You can order directly from them, they have the best customer service! Or you can go online to most retailers. (B&N, Amazon, Walmart....) You can also check out your local book or metaphysical store. If they do not have them, you can ask them to carry them, or place an order for you!

Visit my Amazon!

For more information and links of my published content, it can be found here!

Where can I see your paintings in person?

Right now my paintings are shown at the Plumb Gallery in Ashland, NH. And in the Pompanoosuc Showroom in Concord, NH. I do occasionally attend art fairs. Sign up for my newsletter to find out about those and any new venues I will be exhibiting at! If you are interested in purchasing art work from my website, please read my shipping/return policy.

How can I work with you?

Currently I am taking orders for commissions (paintings) and creating workshops on working with each deck (Shamanic Healing Oracle and The Empathic Oracle) also Intuitive Journaling, working with your animal totems and developing your psychic abilities. *Stay Tuned!*



603-809-9757 (text is best!)

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