Are you new to Oracle cards? If you’re not sure what oracle cards are, here is a little information. 

 Oracle cards have been around for centuries as a form of a divination. They are both similar and distinct from the tradition Tarot deck. While Tarot is a traditional deck with prescribed meanings for each card, oracle decks have  more fluidity in the way they are  interpreted. Depending on the author and artist, these decks can span the spectrum of themes, from animals, to pop culture, to abstract thought/art. Oracle decks are used in conjunction with Tarot and many are also immensely capable of being a stand alone deck. They can assist us in tapping into the divine guidance of the universe to bring clarity to our lives. All of us have the ability to hear our inner guidance. Some of us do not  hear that voice due to the distractions that surround us 24/7. The cards can act as a tool to discern that small voice that always speaks the truth and assists us in navigating this life. Some of us hear that voice loud and clear, and use the cards to visually guide us in the manifestation of the guidance for ourselves or others. Oracle cards also work with the law of attraction.  This universal law says that  what we need to know is drawn to us on an energetic level through the cards we select. They are 100% safe, gentle & easy to use. There is nothing Nothing sinister or ‘dark’ about them. 

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