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Oracle Cards

Are you new to Oracle cards? If you’re not sure what oracle cards are, here is a little information. 

 Oracle cards have been around for centuries as a form of a divination. They are both similar and distinct from the tradition Tarot deck. While Tarot is a traditional deck with prescribed meanings for each card, oracle decks have  more fluidity in the way they are  interpreted. Depending on the author and artist, these decks can span the spectrum of themes, from animals, to pop culture, to abstract thought/art. Oracle decks are used in conjunction with Tarot and many are also immensely capable of being a stand alone deck. They can assist us in tapping into the divine guidance of the universe to bring clarity to our lives. All of us have the ability to hear our inner guidance. Some of us do not  hear that voice due to the distractions that surround us 24/7. The cards can act as a tool to discern that small voice that always speaks the truth and assists us in navigating this life. Some of us hear that voice loud and clear, and use the cards to visually guide us in the manifestation of the guidance for ourselves or others. Oracle cards also work with the law of attraction.  This universal law says that  what we need to know is drawn to us on an energetic level through the cards we select. They are 100% safe, gentle & easy to use. There is nothing Nothing sinister or ‘dark’ about them. 

One of my goals in developing these decks is to empower people to trust their own inner guidance. I am offering these two workshops on each of the decks I created to go deep into the symbology, the methods and other tips and tricks I have learned using these decks for a while. 

A Year of The Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards

Do you use the Shamanic Healing Oracle cards to read for yourself or others? Oracle cards give us insight, encouragement and options to move forward on both our spiritual and worldly path.  This deck, created with the idea to grow and hone your spiritual abilities along with your self confidence and innate wisdom, you will also gain insight to a situation or question with the assistance of the cards.

In this workshop:

  •  You will learn how to interpret the deck of cards and its beautifully symbolic artwork.
  • Learn to recognize symbols, colors, shapes to identify meaning of the card.
  • Learn how to ground and clear your card deck before and after readings.
  • Learn how to read for friends and family.
  • Will become part of a facebook community to share and have discussions with.

You do not have to have any special skills to learn to read for yourself or others.  

This workshop consists of 52 weekly lessons, a whole year of divine connection! You will be emailed a lesson weekly. You will have lifetime access to the lessons. 

cost: $155.00


A Year of The Empathic Oracle

Do you get an immediate "Feel" of a room upon entering? Do you find that you absorb the feelings and emotions of others? Do you physically feel what is going on with others? Do you find yourself tapping in to the collective energy of your family, community, nation or the world? 

Congratulations! You are most likely an Empath. 

What is an Empath? 

Empaths are extremely sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to energy and emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less likely to pass their feelings through an intellectual filter. Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. 

This deck, The Empathic Oracle was created with you in mind. Empaths , while dealing with more than the average person, has many tools at their disposal that you may not be aware of.

This workshop will, over the course of a year, fine tune your understanding of what it means to be an empath with this deck as a tool for meditation, learning, discernment and divination. 

You will be emailed a lesson weekly. You will have lifetime access to the lessons.

There is also a private Facebook page, a dedicated and safe space for you to share your empathic journey with like minded souls. 

cost: $155


Online Workshops

These workshops can be started at any time and can be working and completed on your own time frame. Once you sign up on line you will be sent an email with a ODF and the password to the videos (iff applicable).

Intuitive Journaling for Soul Growth

Do you know that you have a sensitivity to the energies you are surrounded by? Do your dreams have kernels of truth in them? But does it all seem a little out of reach ? 

In this on line workshop, you will learn to keep a record of your impressions, hunches, gut feelings and instincts about events in your life and in the lives of people you know. Keeping a journal is an amazing way to begin trusting and developing your psychic senses. A journal can be as simple as black & white composition notebook, a handmade book you make yourself, or a beautiful hand bound leather journal. 

For those who love data and going back over what has happened, this is an ideal way to grow your psychic abilities and firmly set on your highest and best path.

This Workshop is 8 lessons long. It is designed to go at your own pace. 

cost: $99


Connect with Your Animal Totem

Animals are our companions on this earth. There is not one person among us who has not had some sort of interaction with an animal, whether it is the  beloved household dog or the roaming deer that we glimpse at dusk on the ride home. Most of us  lack an understanding of their symbolic nature and the key characteristics that define them. Traditional shamans believe that spirit animals or totems are revealed to guide and protect us throughout our journeys. They offer influential insights into our subconscious mind and carry meaningful messages if you are willing to listen. Your spirit animal is meant to serve as a guide and bring attention to parts of your life that need acknowledgement and exploration.

This workshop consists of a lesson about the different roles these guides play in our lives, different ways to meet one or more of your animal guides and guided meditation that will allow you to meet an animal totem.

cost: $77

In Person Workshops

If you are in the New England area. I am available to come to your home or store to run workshops. Email me at mmotuzas@hotmail.com or call/text at 603-809-9757.

Lunar Intention Setting Workshops

This fun and interactive workshop walks you through the process of harnessing the Moons cycles and power to enact powerful change in your life. 

Typically 2 hours 

$125.00 (for up to 10 people)

Pendulum- Make your own and learn how to use it for divination

Using a pendulum is a very old, traditional way of divination. 

This workshop covers:

*The history of using a pendulum

*Creating your own (materials provided)


*Connecting with your pendulum

* How to ask a question

*Using your pendulum wisely

Class is typically 2 hours depending on the amount of people. 

Cost $25 pp (limited to 20 People)

Other Services

House Clearing

Shamanic House Clearings

Ever get the sense that something is just 'not right' with a home?

Are you constantly moving furniture around trying to get your space to feel "just right?"

Very often energy gets 'stuck' in a dwelling, whether it is from some  pain and suffering from previous owners/tenants, or perhaps you have gone through a really rough patch and the energy from the emotions that brought up is still lingering. 

Pain, suffering, regret and other negative emotions are typically very powerfully charged and do have the ability to liger long after the situation has resolved. 

Sometimes there is the energy of someone who has passed.

Whatever the reason, these energies can and do become stuck. An energetic clearing can help. A clearing is the act of making a living space more welcome and livable by removing and clearing the negative energy from the space. 

A clearing is appropriate in many situations:

*A new home - rid the space of old energies

* Selling your home - Make the energy more welcoming to potential tenants

* Just gone through a bitter diverse or substantial illness

* There has been a recent death ( note_ This is not intended to erase the loved one from a space, however it is meant to lighten the energy from the sadness, anger, hopelessness that may have accompanied an illness or accident)

Together we can:

*Moving Stuck Energy

*Non invasive


*Create the most welcoming and peaceful home


Cost: $50/hr

(the time it takes depends on the size of the dwelling - call me to discuss)

Call or text me at 603-809-9757

or email at mmotuzas@hotmail.com

Shamanism Workshop

Interested in learning about the centuries old ways of Shamanism?Explore the elements, meet your totem animal, delve into your own energy to find and release blocks so you can move forward to live your brightest and best life.

Private and group classes available.

Please call/text or email to discuss  your needs.



Shamanic Reiki

Everything IS energy. Energy Healing can take on many forms. Sound healing, Reiki,  Acupuncture, among others.

I have been trained in Shamanic Reiki,(masters level - 2007) this is where shamanic techniques are layered on top of the reiki energy treatment.

My theory on having an energy healing session is that blocks and lower vibrtons that are stuck become apparent. Shamanic Reiki can get the blocks un blocked and rise vibrations. However this may not be permanent. There are usually underlying thought patterns casing the blocks in the first place.

After a physical healing session we will discuss what comes up and I can give you the tools you will need to take control of your spiritual health and work on healing yourself.


60 min - $70

90 min - $90

To book a Sesssion:

603-809-9757 (call or text)

email: mmotuzas@hotmail.com

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