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 "The day I bought the Shamanic Healing Oracle I headed out to one of my special places in the woods, for our first experience with eachother. I did a simple three-cardgetting-to-know-you reading and discovered that we were going to get along quite well. As Ms Motuzas suggests in the booklet which accompanies the deck, I looked to see which card was at the bottom after I'd pulled my three cards. It was 'Reunion of Souls.' I get this card every time I visit that special place.

Later I walked on, chose to take an unfamiliar path, and eventually came to a crossroads. I didn't know which way to go and so decided to ask the cards for some guidance. Joy pointed me in the right direction, and looking again to the bottom of the deck, it was definitely a Movement into Balance.

That tale points to the role these cards have in my life -they help to point me in the right direction when I'm feeling lost or confused,they help me to move into balance. " - CeleneSyntax

"I had the pleasure of picking up the Shamanic Oracle actually by random. I happen to have seen it at the local Barnes and Nobles and just intuitively bought it.Working with this deck I have found very wonderful and insightful messages that speak to me very clearly. This deck is definitely top on my list to have as it really resonates on a deep level."

Stephanie F. Los Angeles,CA 

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