My Oracle Cards

This is a one stop place to access all the Oracle Card Decks I have Created. (and the 1 tarot deck)

Here is a very brief run down of what deck is for what...

1. My First Deck, the Shamanic Healing Oracle Deck, is a wonderful tool for all parts of your spiritual journey. Daily pulls, Ancestor work,  reading for your own healing and journey as well as specific questions & divination. It is also a nice tool if you are a reader and read for others. Many of the users of this deck are therapists! (to use with clients)

2. The Empathic Oracle, is generally geared to people who identify as Empaths and don't know how to handle the energetic reality of this. It is educational and a tool to be able to learn how to manage the overwhelm that many empaths feel. It is also a good tool for divination.

3. The Wild Elemental is a deck that is themed to animals, the natural world and the messages they bring. If you are attuned to nature, have an affinity with our animal brothers and sisters or want to become more attuned, this is a great deck for divination!

4. Intuitive Wisdom Tarot is a non traditional tarot deck that is designed to tap into your co-creative capacity. My thought process was that if you were part of the creation of your own deck, make it uniquely your own, then it would take away a barrier of using a deck that you see being someone else (I loved YOUR deck! :( but make it I love the deck i helped create!)

5. The Shaman's Way Oracle. My most recent deck is a continuation of my first deck. Once you are a bit on the path for your spiritual healing/journey now what? This deck is designed to show how to live the highest vibration of the path you are hear to walk. It also works well for daily pulls, reading for others and all sorts of divination 

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