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Are you struggling to determine your next best step? Do you want to tap into your higher guidance and find out what is keeping you stuck? 

I can help with that. 

I have found over the course of the 20+ years on this path that I am given the information that people need to get out of their own way. What your personal blocks are at this moment.

What I can help you with:

  • Clarify your highest path
  • Uncover what is holding you back
  • Accessing your spiritual guidance
  • Mapping out your right next steps

What I CANNOT help you with:

  • Medical diagnosis (see your doctor!)
  • Putting a 'spell' on someone (move on, they are not worthy of you!)
  • Telling you when/what/how (free will and depending on everyone else's decisions)

If you are still interested - Great! I need your date of birth (time and location if available) I love folding in astrology with card readings. They add a wonderful dimension to the messages.  If there is a certain topic you want this reading to be about, that will help me determine what layout to use. And any other pertinent information. Remember, I am not here to PROVE myself to you, but to ASSIST you in walking your highest path in this life. 

Once you pay for the reading, within a day I will send you an email confirming and asking for the information I outlined above. Once I receive this, within a week, you will receive by email, a full reading with images and descriptions of the cards and the layout used. I encourage one follow up question, if you need clarification.

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